Mustang Monument Eco Resort & Preserve


Founded as the first eco-resort of its kind and dedicated to showcasing the pristine beauty of America’s wild Mustangs, Mustang Monument is both a sustainable resort and a preserve.  The resort allows horses to roam free in their natural habitat while providing guests with once-in-a-lifetime encounters with these marvelous creatures. 

Nevada eco-resort

Surround yourself with majestic mountain ranges as far as the eye can see, spanning over 900 square miles of incredible wilderness. Prepare to experience the rush of seeing an entire herd of Mustangs in the wild where they belong – a symbol of both strength and tranquility in nature.

Northern Nevada resort, Mustang Monument

Interactive Cooking Classes

Dining at this western property is both simple and memorable. Plan an interactive cooking class with Chef Peter McQuaid, but first, pop into the rustic cannery for a cold brew! 

Mustang Monument accommodations, guest rooms Mustang Monument eco resort
Mustang Monument tipi

Sleep in a Tipi or Cottage at Mustang Monument

A stay at this property supports the ongoing protection of these horses and the mission to Save America’s Mustangs.

Mustang Monument’s lavish teepees were designed for the traveler who is seeking a blend of adventure and superior accommodations. The cottages are designed with chic designer décor and romantic furnishings. They’re ideal for having a glass of wine on your deck and looking out at a breathtaking view of nature.

All suites are furnished with the finest décor and amenities, and staying in a Mustang Monument teepee will surely leave a lasting impression.

Ruby's Restaurant Wells NV, Ruby's in Wells NV
The spacious deck at Ruby’s Restaurant

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