Venice Simplon-Orient-Express


The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is the most legendary set of carriages in the world. It’s making a comeback, bringing with it the romance of the rails. 

Utilize the new grand suites to elevate your level of indulgence. And, as new routes are introduced, you’ll be enchanted by fascinating new destinations. With a wave and a knowing smile, a steward wearing a blue and gold livery welcomes you on board.

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Three beautiful dining carriages exude culinary sophistication, from black lacquer panels in L’Oriental to Cote d’Azur Lalique glass inlays. As a grand voyage gets underway, settle into your art-deco-inspired cabin with French-polished cherry wood furniture.

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Orient Express Accommodations

Wimberly Interiors renovated three luxurious private suites on the historic train. The lavish new “Grand Suites” are authentically styled and adorned with opulent marquetry. They take visitors back in time to when taking the train was the first method of crossing international European borders in opulent luxury.

When Belmond, the company that runs the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, first asked Wimberly to come up with a concept for luxury suites, the team realized that the experience of designing the space, just like traveling on the famous train, was once-in-a-lifetime. So, the team decided to create multiple suites with their distinctive aesthetics that were only comparable in their grandeur.

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Decor by Wimberly Interiors

Wimberly Interiors uses ornate detailing, hand-beaded embroidery, and opulent fabrics to reflect distinctive character. Each destination’s romance, adventure, and style served as inspiration. The designers collaborated closely with Belmond to celebrate the original design of the Roaring Twenties in every stylistic detail while preserving the carriage’s intrinsic features and enhancing the original bespoke details.

The clever design of the cabins is unique. An elegant wood cabinet conceals a washbasin. And as you eat dinner in the evening, your cabin steward gets to work. The steward converts the plush sofa from the daytime into comfortable upper and lower berth beds with crisp damask sheets. Then, after breakfast, the beds are then snatched up once more. This enchanted discrete service is all part of the experience.

Grand Suites

Six Grand Suites are the height of luxury, combining comfort and desire to a seductive effect while providing unlimited champagne. These suites are beyond luxurious, with d├ęcor from Paris, Venice, Istanbul, Vienna, Prague, and Budapest.

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Dining on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express experience is truly about the journey, not the destination. You’re urged to take it all in as you soar past majestic mountains and lush, rolling farmland.  You will indulge in its renowned cuisine while satisfying your visual appetite. The seasonal and regional ingredients are carefully selected from the train’s destinations for each dish. Looking through the window, you might see our knowledgeable team examining Brittany lobsters or Mont St. Michel salt marsh lamb.

Evening wear for dinner on the Venice Simplon-Orient Express is unquestionably a part of the experience. The sparkling art deco champagne bar entices passengers as the train travels through the pitch-black night. So, whatever path you take, rest assured that it will set off an adventure for the senses and the imagination in which you play the lead role. 

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