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A Journey Beyond Aspen will be well worth it when you experience a tropical getaway like never before at Banyan Tree Mayakoba in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

From the vast beachfront to the serene lagoon villas, you’ll feel at one with nature as you bask in her glory. Every angle of the resort presents an aesthetically pleasing view that rarely gets old. The breathtaking beauty of Mexico’s Riviera Maya will help you forget whatever you left at home.

Also known for its history, Playa Del Carmen offers a look into ancient civilizations like the Mayan Empire.

An inside look at the beachfront terrace pool suite overlooking Mayakoba’s white beach
Six wooden lagoon villas with slightly open roofs at the center of a body of water
Inside a lagoon villa featuring plants with orange and white decor

Beachfront Accommodations

Have you ever had an entire beach at your doorstep? Banyan Tree’s rooms not only feature private pools and big terraces but place guests very close to its white beach.

The natural surroundings stimulate the senses as you wake to flowing waves, bristling tree branches, and gentle UV rays. Every room offers a view that compliments its interior design. Villas have open roofs to let the sunshine through ever so slightly.

Note: The single image above is the Beachfront Pool Suite, followed by an exterior shot and indoor-outdoor living offered by the Lagoon Villa.

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Food and Views

The resort offers multiple dining options in various settings. From seafood to Italian to Thai, Banyan Tree Mayakoba hits all the marks. Its 14 different dining locations each possess its own culinary and visual. aesthetic.

Latin, Mayan, and Thai

You may want to visit the Tomahawk Open Fire Latin Grill and try its famous Tomahawk steak. Or the HAAB restaurant delivers an authentic Mayan dining experience topped off with a dancing spectacle.

While dinner at HAAB is certainly guaranteed to be delicious, you don’t want to skip dessert. HAAB’s signature Caballero Pobre, which features delectable Xtabentun ice cream, will leave you wanting more.

An aerial view of the Saffron restaurant in the mayakoba mangrove

Sticky Rice with Mango at Saffron

However, maybe you’re in the mood for authentic Thai cuisine. Then, you’ll head to the resort’s signature Saffron restaurant (pictured above). After you’ve finished your meal, I’d recommend the kao niew mamuang. The sticky rice with mango and coconut ice cream tastes best when gazing before Mayakoba’s Mangrove.

 If you can’t bring yourself to leave your room’s stunning view, then room service is on the menu.

Nature’s Playground

Couples looking for a romantic getaway will find it easy to connect with their significant other. Try the resort’s traditional trajinera boat dining experience. Gaze into your partner’s eyes as the two of you enjoy cooked-to-order international cuisine while cruising the canals and mangroves of Mayakoba.

Families have a plethora of relationship-building activities and classes. Do you (or your partner struggle to boil water? Then a culinary class taught by a professional chef may be for you. If not, archery and kayaking could be on the agenda.

The Rainforest

But, I recommend The Rainforest – a hydrothermal spa experience that takes a holistic approach to relaxation.

A Mexican Treasure 

Banyan Tree Mayakoba is the epitome of aesthetically pleasing. Not just because of its extraordinary food, villas, suites, and activities, but every aspect offers a different view that enriches the experience even more.

An aerial view of several suites on the Banyan Tree Mayakoba Beach

For an unforgettable experience…

Journey Beyond Aspen to Banyan Tree Mayakoba.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Banyan Tree Mayakoba offer beach access from all rooms?

Beach views and t varies with the location of your villa/suite. Ground-floor rooms will provide the most accessible route.

Are there attractions within walking distance of the Banyan Tree Mayakoba?

Off-grid attractions require a taxi ride from the resort. The closest attraction, 5th Avenue, is 18 minutes away. If you don’t mind an hour in the car, the Tulum Archaeological Zone is the ticket.

What is the closest airport to the Banyan Tree Mayakoba in Playa Del Carmen Mexico?

Cancun National Airport is the closest airport to the Banyan Tree resort. It’s about 40 miles away.

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