C Lazy U Ranch


It’s time to Journey Beyond Aspen to the C Lazy U Ranch.

The C Lazy U is an authentic dude ranch out west where the Colorado River runs off the Continental Divide and winds its way through mountain valleys. It’s a land of green meadows, blue skies, and crisp Colorado air. This is Colorado ranch country and has been for almost a century.

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Rocky Mountains Ranch Resort

This one-of-a-kind, all-inclusive, year-round guest ranch in the heart of the Rocky Mountains offers the best of both worlds. You’ll experience both high-class amenities and down-home experiences. The ranch offers luxurious cabins, gourmet meals, daily trail horseback rides, and plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy all year round. 

Guests come to the C Lazy U luxury dude ranch for its natural beauty, clean mountain air, recreation, rest, and relaxation.

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Accommodations are beautiful, spacious luxury cabins that guarantee first-class comfort and solitude during your dude ranch stay. 

Wood-fired, farm-inspired, seasonal menus ensure your palate is always presented with the best nature has to offer. Anchored in the tried-and-true fare of the Great American West, guests dine on aged beef, fresh trout, racks of lamb, cheeses, and homemade bread.

A Spa in Six Tents

Step out of your stirrups and into the full-service Lazy You Spa on Willow Creek’s banks. Six luxurious tents comprise one of Colorado’s most unique spas, providing an unparalleled resort experience.  Guests can gaze into the Willow Creek River during treatments, as some of the tents include glass floors.

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outdoor spa at C Lazy U Ranch, Colorado spas

C Lazy U Ranch – Premier Guest Ranch Since 1919

The C Lazy U Ranch is a luxurious, natural escape where visitors can make memories and experiences for a lifetime. Take an exquisite horseback riding tour through the Rockies, experience fly-fishing like nowhere else, or relax in the spa. Rest assured that the service, cuisine, and activities at the ranch are second to none – and have been since 1919!

C Lazy U Ranch, horseback riding at C Lazy U Ranch, horseback riding Colorado, horseback riding Rocky Mountains

You don’t have to journey far beyond Aspen to the C Lazy U Ranch – just follow your inner sense of adventure, and you will be there before you know it. So let go of everyday life, grab your boots and your hat, and get ready to take on all that this classic western resort has in store.

For an unforgettable experience…

Journey Beyond Aspen to the C Lazy U Ranch!

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