Shou Sugi Ban House


Discreetly luxurious, grounded in sustainability, and a deep love for raw natural beauty, Shou Sugi Ban House is an intimate and integrative wellness experience.

Hamptons resort, Shou Sugi Ban House fire circle

Spa & Wellness

Inspired by Japanese principles of wabi-sabi and a spirit of openness and exploration, this Hamptons area venue offers a spa, healing arts, nutrition, fitness, and complete wellness experiences in a holistic, educational setting.

The guest studios are calming spaces designed with clean lines.

Shou Sugi Ban House spa, wellness spa, spas in the Hamptons
Shou Sugi Ban House dining
demonstration kitchen, Hamptons dining

Demonstration Kitchen

The upscale wellness center has a no-waste philosophy combined with a focus on wellness as its guiding principle. So, the property chose an open-concept demonstration kitchen to evoke transparency between guests and their food. Every meal is planned with careful attention to needs, timing and setting – all to add to the custom experience.

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