Silversands in Grenada is conceived as the antidote to the faceless homogenous luxury that forms the backdrop to the merry-go-round of the frequent traveler. It is a place where luxury is not gated off from the rest of the world – it’s a beautiful addition to it.

The resort’s sleek, modern design is anchored by a stunning 330 ft infinity pool — the longest in the Caribbean. That pool leads to Grand Anse Beach, one of the top beaches in the world. It boasts two miles of soft white sand, clear waters, and calm breezes. Arriving at Grand Anse Beach is a sight that never gets old. Feel your toes in the two-mile stretch of powder-white sand. Then, explore the crystal-clear waters of the calm, turquoise-blue sea.

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Accommodations at Silversands

The architects of Silversands Grenada, AW², Reda Amalou & Stéphanie Ledoux communed with nature to bring you Grenada at her most rapturous. Accommodations with floor-to-ceiling windows let in the natural beauty of the island. Each bed is positioned for maximum views. The baths in the Penthouse Level rooms are also something special. They feature floor-to-ceiling louvered windows, providing natural light and ocean views.

Grenada beaches

Exploring Grenada

As the world’s biggest exporter of nutmeg and mace, wild and beautiful Grenada is known as the “Spice Island.” But you’ll also find spice in the air, in people’s attitudes, and in Grenada’s very soul. That old adage about variety could not be more fitting across this three-island nation. And the lush landscapes, as well as the vibrant colors and sweet aroma of tropical fruits and blooms everywhere you turn, make falling in love with Grenada ever so easy! 

Journey Beyond Aspen to Silversands!

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