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L’Auberge Carmel Hotel: A Love Letter to the Old and the New 

The L’Auberge Carmel Hotel is a combination of the old and the new. Originally built in 1929, L’Auberge provides guests with a luxurious stay while keeping that vintage feel. 

This Relais & Chateaux hotel with a Forbes Five Star Restaurant is situated in the charming village of Carmel, California, close to the famous Carmel Beach. Downtown Carmel boasts numerous shops and restaurants that usually pique tourists’ interest. 

Carmel California

A European-Like Getaway

L’Auberge Carmel Hotel is an excellent getaway for locals. The European countryside-like lifestyle helps them feel like they’re on a mini vacation away from their real-life responsibilities. It’s a relaxing and intimate experience as the hotel holds only 20 rooms.

Leisurely Strolls Compared to the Hustle and Bustles   

Guests meet and converse with other guests at the hotel while staying calm, unlike the hustle and bustle compared to city hotels. Although not glamorous in the way of lights, cameras, action, it’s glamorous in the form of coffee, book shops, and strolls. At the same time, the hotel and the town inspire its quaint and simplistic style.

A one and/or two-person bedroom with the bed having white sheets, a nightstand, a television, and a seating area to view outside.
A room set up as a honeymoon suite at L'Auberge Carmel with a bed in the middle, two nightstands, and a sitting area with two glasses and the champagne bottle in the ice bucket.

Charming, Comfortable Rooms

Rooms have different and unique designs that provide guests with a simplistic European ambiance. The rooms are accompanied by top-notch wifi, views of the beautiful quaint town, clean facilities, and comfy beds.

Many visitors have described it as having a charm similar to the European countryside because of its aesthetically pleasing and simple lifestyle and well-mannered staff.

This is one of many healthy dishes the L'Auberge Carmel Resort serves, as this one is more plant-based.

Dining: From Breakfast to Milk and Cookies  

While you’ll want to get out and explore Carmel and its fantastic dining options, it’ll be a choice rather than a necessity. That’s because dining is on the menu from breakfast to late night snacks.

A glimpse at the restaurant in the L'Auberge Carmel as place mates, chairs, and tables are laid out ready for guests with a teal shade and sea creatures painting the walls.

Signature Breakfast Included

It’s a benefit that breakfast is included in your stay, so you can sleep in and not worry about finding a place to eat breakfast in the town. The hotel breakfast is served with fresh-squeezed orange juice, eggs, and fruit.

Along with breakfast is the restaurant and bar, Aubergine, open to fine-dining services with eight-course tasting menus and cocktails. There’s also an impressive 2,500-bottle wine collection. If you decide you want a chill night-in, you can grab dinner downstairs or a cocktail to sign off the night. Also, the hotel has evening services to order milk and cookies to add to the cozy atmosphere.

Carmel by the Sea

Explore a Small, Quaint Beach Town                 

Carmel Beach is a 10-minute walk from the hotel, making it convenient for customers who favor the beach.

With its beautiful sandy beach and clear blue waters, it’s another place that is welcoming to visitors. It’s not only just as relaxing as the hotel, but within walking distance. Grab a towel and your shades and you’ve got the perfect afternoon on the beach relaxing, tanning, or reading a good book.

The beach is also great for kids who might not be as into shops and spa treatments as their parents.

the courtyard at the L'Auberge Carmel hotel

Recommendations From Staff Who Are Locals Themselves 

L’Auberge Carmel’s staff is always open to sharing their recommendations on the best places to visit in the area since most of them are from there or live nearby. So, if you don’t want to spend your vacation following a tourist’s agenda, you’ve got the inside scoop. That’s the way most visitors want to spend their vacations anyways.

Many find that viewing the town from a local’s perspective provides them with an experience to learn about the culture and immerse themselves in it.

The Staff’s Prioritization of Comfort and Relaxation For Guests 

Carmel draws guests in mainly because of its staff, facilities, cleanliness, comfort, and location. Staff go above and beyond to make sure their guests are having a happy and enjoyable time. There’ve been nothing but excellent reviews and L’Auberge will provide you with 24/7 around-the-clock service for anything (well, almost anything) your heart desires.

best hotels in Carmel CA

For an unforgettable experience…

Journey Beyond Aspen to the L’Auberge Carmel, a fantastic resort for relaxing, soaking in the sun, and walking down the streets of Carmel on a European-style vacation.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the L’Auberge Carmel Hotel a family-friendly resort?

Yes, L’Auberge Carmel Hotel is a family-friendly resort. Even though the hotel has a lot of activities for the adults, they don’t forget about the kids with nightly milk and cookies and a beach within walking distance.

Is L’Auberge Carmel a pet-friendly hotel?

Yes, L’Auberge Carmel Hotel offers pet-friendly rooms. They also have boutiques, grooming spas, and veterinarians available for pets’ needs. 

Are there other beaches, besides Carmel Beach, near L’Auberge Carmel Hotel?

There are other beaches in the area. However, tourists choose to stay at L’Auberge Carmel Hotel for Carmel Beach and the beach town. While most guests don’t find the need to leave the area, Pebble Beach is only a 12-minute drive.

What popular tourist attractions are near L’Auberge Carmel Hotel?

There are many popular tourist attractions near L’Auberge Carmel Hotel. There are food tours, Carmel by the sea, Carmel Walks, Carmel Mission, Basilica Museum, and Carmel Beach. Also, there’s a beautiful nature reserve called Point Lobos State Natural Reserve, a popular spot for hiking and diving, and a whaling museum. 

What popular restaurants and shops are within walking distance of L’Auberge Carmel Hotel?

Popular restaurants within walking distance of L’Auberge Carmel Hotel include Hog’s Breath Inn, Aubergine at L’Auberge Carmel, Breadsong And Steakcraft, and The Pasta Palace. Shops within walking distance of L’Auberge Carmel Hotel include elizabethW Carmel, Fleur’ever Boutique, Laub’s Country Store/Carmel Classics, Carmel Bay Company, and the Collection. 

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