Nestled amidst the Wilder Kaiser mountain range, Stanglwirt has welcomed guests with genuine Tyrolean hospitality and uninterrupted views for over 400 years.

Since 1722, the Stanglwirt, a family-run establishment, has taken great pride in highlighting the inherent natural beauty that surrounds it while maintaining a commitment to its preservation. The resort stands as a pioneer in sustainable hotel management, boasting an organic farm and utilizing its natural spring to provide both drinking water and spa amenities. This unique approach by Stanglwirt offers a refreshing and guilt-free relaxation experience.

An exterior shot of the Stanglwirt in winter, the snow accentuating the woodwork and the fog giving the Wilder Kaiser mountains a sense of endlessness.

Gold Standard

The Stanglwirt achieved something truly amazing! It’s the only Austrian hotel to make it onto the “Gold List,” a collection of the best 142 hotels worldwide by the well-known travel experts at Condé Nast Traveler.

An interior shot of the Bio-Suite above the Kaiserwiese, showcasing the fine Arolla pine.

Royally Rustic Accommodations

Stanglwirt features a variety of suites, family rooms, double rooms, and studios, each containing hand-finished traditional building methods and local Arolla pine.

Solid wood furniture, top-quality sheep’s wool carpets, and the finest linen quilt covers and sheets are standard. And every space is decorated in a traditional rustic style and finished off by hand, accenting the classic Tyrolean “Gemütlichkeit.”

A shot of the interior of the rustic Gasthof Stanglwirt, showcasing a table for two.

Gasthof Stanglwirt and More Delectable Dining

At the heart of Stanglwirt’s charm lies the fusion of Tyrolean traditions and the allure of locally-sourced delicacies. This exquisite culinary experience extends to various dining venues within the resort.

The main hotel restaurant showcases a delectable array of options, while the cozy Kamin Bistro offers a more intimate setting. For those seeking vibrant social interactions, the “Auf der Tenne” hotel bar provides a lively ambiance. Additionally, the authentic Gasthof Stanglwirt captures the essence of tradition, becoming a haven for those who appreciate the heritage of the region.

An exterior shot of the Stanglwirt, lined with umbrellas for guests to dine under while appreciating the natural beauty.

Organic and farm-to-table

Delving into the gastronomic offerings reveals not only a commitment to quality but also a connection to the land itself. The Stanglwirt proudly sources organic ingredients, underscoring its dedication to responsible dining. Furthermore, the establishment’s very own farm supplies an array of dairy products, including milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, and bread, fostering a truly farm-to-table experience.

For a touch of whimsy, guests who venture into the charming “cowshed room” at Gasthof Stanglwirt can personally extend their gratitude to the bovine companions that contribute to this culinary journey. In this way, the Stanglwirt goes beyond the plate, crafting an immersive dining escapade that embraces the richness of both tradition and the earth.

An exterior shot of a pool in the winter, a woman basking in its warmth.

Green Spa Resort Stanglwirt

Stanglwirt’s Green Spa offers packages featuring massages, cosmetic treatments, body treatments, baths, wraps, and detox specials.

Wellness Worlds

The resort also has three “wellness worlds” — one for those fifteen and up, one for families, and one for kids.

Each features a variety of inclusive services, such as pools, saunas, and relaxation zones, but a few highlights have to be the waterfall grotto, the whirlpool with a view over an aquarium, and Europe’s largest hotel saltwater pool.

An interior shot of a pool, the rocky formations surrounding it giving it a sense of whimsy and fun.
An exterior shot of one of the many pools the Stanglwirt features, the water a beautiful turquoise against the natural stone and greenery of the resort.


The Stanglwirt offers a range of indoor and outdoor activities, including:

  • Nordic Walking, hikes, and climbing
  • Skiing, swimming, and biking
  • Golfing, fly fishing, and hunting
  • Tennis, yoga, and Pilates

Starting in 1980, Stanglwirt became the proud host of Austria’s inaugural private Lipizzaner stud. You can also enjoy the Stanglwirt riding school where you can take riding lessons or go on trail rides.

Carriage Rides

In both summer and winter, you can also take a horse-drawn carriage ride to explore the beautiful Wilder Kaiser region.

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Journey to a Gold List Retreat

The Stanglwirt offers a holistic sense of well-being through its commitment to being eco-friendly, the organic farm, and the utilization of its natural spring. Not only does it cleanse the body and mind, but also the soul.

For an unforgettable experience…

Journey Beyond Aspen to Stanglwirt in Kitzbühel, Austria.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Stanglwirt a family-friendly resort?

Yes! The Stanglwirt even has a wellness world designed just for children.

What airport should I fly into if I’m staying at Stanglwirt?

There are several airports that you can choose from, Salzburg and Innsbruck being the nearest — though the Stanglwirt offers a green discount if you choose to instead take the train.

Is Stanglwirt a dog-friendly resort?

Yes, though only upon request, as you must first receive written confirmation from the resort.

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